About our Company

serva hosting can clear the way

We realize that you have numerous choices when it comes to web hosting, so we want our service to set us apart from the competition!

If you’re not used to website development and hosting it can all become totally bewildering, but this is where we can help you.
To offer you the best customer experience we focus on the customer’s perspective

  • We will always look at your account to see how we can save you money or improve your services
  • Offer you totally unbiased help. If we suggest something, you’ll know it’s right because we say so and not just another way to make money out of you
  • Offering our expertise and years of experience to assist you

Lastly and may be most importantly
We will look after your account as if it was our own

What do you get in a ‘START UP’ 1 page website?

This page is a fair indication of what you’ll get with our company.

  • You will have the option of a background image or color of your choice
  • Most importantly your contact details, which can include maps and hours
  • Your company logo etc to the top of the page
  • Your choice of colors to compliment your logo
  • Images or adverts within the page.

These 1 page ‘START UP’ pages are for small business that have no presence on the internet and what to at least be found out there.

start here plus 20At any time these single page sites can be upgraded, everything is flexible and worry free because we’ll make sure everything works and is up to date and we won’t ever have a page with an ‘insert your logo here’ on the page, as we’re sure you’ll have seen on the web